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A safe home for your savings 

  • As a building society, National Counties is a mutual organisation, owned by its saving and borrowing members and thus not subject to Stock Market fluctuations   

  • It is independent and not a subsidiary of any larger group

  • The majority of its borrowings (over 75%) are raised by deposits from individuals

  • Its financial strength, as measured by the capital ratio, is excellent and its conservative approach to lending means that it has very low mortgage arrears 

  • National Counties is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, providing protection for your savings.

National Counties Building Society is committed to its status as a mutual organisation, run for the benefit of its Members. It is the UK's largest single office building society and, from its headquarters in Epsom, Surrey, the Society provides a professional service to over 50,000 customers throughout England and Wales.

Our mortgage products are designed to meet the different needs of our customers and are underwritten by a dedicated team of underwriters who look at each case on an individual basis. This conservative approach to lending has resulted in the Society experiencing a low level of default on its mortgages.

The Society's experienced and qualified staff strive to maintain the highest standards of customer service. An internal complaints procedure exists with ultimate recourse for dissatisfied customers to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The National Counties Group Assets increased by 10% in 2019 to £2,379 million supported by reserves of £112 million and a Common Equity Tier 1 ratio of 15.8%. For more details follow the link below to the 2019 Annual Report and Accounts. 

2019 Annual Report and Accounts

2019 Summary Financial Statement

2018 Annual Report and Accounts

2018 Summary Financial Statement 

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2020

Capital Requirements Directive - Pillar 3 Disclosures

Publication of the attached document is required under the Capital Requirements Directive as described within the introduction section of the document.

2018 Pillar 3 Disclosure

Country by Country Reporting

Country by Country Reporting 2017 - Please see Note 32, page 112 of the audited 2017 Annual Report and Accounts (link above) for this disclosure.

Country by Country Reporting

Country by Country Reporting 2016 - Please see Note 32, page 95 of the audited 2016 Annual Report and Accounts (link above) for this disclosure.

Society Rules, 2014 Edition

Society Rules, 2014 Edition

Society Memorandum, 1998 Edition

Society Memorandum, 1998 Edition

National Counties launched the Family Building Society in July 2014, specifically to help all generations of families. The Family Building Society was set up to help tackle some of today's most pressing financial problems, by offering a wider set of financial solutions than a traditional building society. Please have a look at our Family Building Society website.

National Counties will continue to provide you with the same value for money savings accounts and mortgages, with traditional principles of personal service.

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