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Treasury deposits and treasury services

We offer a choice of time deposits and certificates of deposit offering high rates of interest that closely mirror those available on the London money markets.

Whether your priority is guaranteed returns or ready access to your funds, we can tailor a package for deposits from 1 month to 5 years to meet your individual business, corporate or association needs.

How much can be invested in time deposits?
The minimum deposit that Treasury Services will accept is £500,000 and the maximum amount is £25 million.

If you are looking to save between £1,000 and £500,000 you may be interested in our range of Savings Accounts for Business, please click here for more information.

Who can invest in time deposits or certificates of deposit?
Financial institutions, public sector authorities, other corporate entities, universities, colleges, schools, clubs, societies, charities and unincorporated associations which are registered in the United Kingdom for tax purposes.

How long can I invest in time deposits or certificates of deposit?
Deposits can be made for between one month and five years. Specific maturity dates will be negotiated with Treasury Services.

Treasury Deposit Rates
Competitive interest rates are quoted by our Treasury Services department to reflect market conditions. Fixed or Variable (linked to LIBOR or Bank of England bank rate) rates are available and are negotiated with depositors depending on the amount and the deposit term.

Credit ratings
National Counties is the 12th largest building society in the UK with total assets of £1.3bn. Whilst relatively active in the wholesale money market, it does not presently engage in the large ticket funding transactions that would warrant a formal credit rating.

As a point of reference, though, the Group's Reserves (Core Tier 1 Capital) to Assets Ratio at 31 December 2013 was 8.80% against the average for its peer group based on 2013 results of 5.25%. Source: KPMG 2014 Building Societies Database. Furthermore the Group's risk weighted core tier 1 capital ratio was 27% at 31 December 2014.

Find out more about our Treasury Services and making time deposits
Our Treasury Services department is responsible for raising wholesale funding. For further details about making a Treasury Deposit please call 01372 845320 or 01372 845321 or complete our treasury deposits enquiry form.

Additional information about the Society and copies of our Annual Report & Accounts is available - please click here to be taken to the relevant page.

You will not receive any advice or recommendation from us. 

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

The Society participates in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) established under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Treasury fixed term deposits are eligible deposits protected by the FSCS. Certificates of Deposit, however, are not protected under the FSCS.

For more infortmation about eligibility and exclusions please refer to the FSCS website at    


link to find out more about the fscs